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August 26 2005, 14:53:15 UTC 12 years ago

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Hey I'm so sorry for the spam, but I'd love for you to join and be apart of this community.
It is really fun, and the members are very sweet. So if your interested then come join <3
title or description
hi its throwingapples fron glitter_fag.

i was just wondering, if you have the time, if you could update the points for the members page, if you dont want to , i will.

so hit me back
join atttraktiv!
it's a challenge community, so you have to challenge your way in :).
it's fun, it's raw. join :).
please join delta_elite a brand new community! be one of the first to become a sister at livejournal's official sorrority community!! 10 auto-accepts!!
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Hey hun, this is one of the Mods at ___ooh_la_la. I'm sending out this message to everyone who hasn't given us a valid salute as of yet. We are doing a community clean up right now, so please make sure to post your salute to This
before January 16th. Everyone who doesn't, gets removed from the community and has to reapply.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through AIM at Cherish41Dmb or E-Mail me at Slow.But.Speeding.41@Gmail.Com

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looking for new active members
lots of fun activities, games, daily discussions
be the sweet sexy thang of the month
compete, join the fun, share your ideas
plus a point/reward system

join now!

Its dramarific, hot mods, hot members, short app,
Superlatives, challenges, vote offs, very active

Also take a look at our sister site

Sorry if you class this as spam, it will be deleted

hey i'm one of the mods at trailertrashhh i think you're really cute, and i was just wondering if you would like to join! not everyone has this sent to them, so if you consider it spam, let me know and i'll delete it.
this is a brand new rating community. we have 6 auto accepts/rejects left, so hurry up cuz it's filling up fast!!!
please consider it. :]

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brand new rating community
Looking for sister communities
Looking for mods, members, and graphic mods
themes, superlatives, and other fun stuff will start when we get more members

Join today!


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you left pinacoladax, as did I.
but you're hot. I'd love if you joined me.
Hi, i am the mod of glamourweb, if you are still interested in applying could you please apply within 48hrs. Thanks. =]
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